There are so many things I love about events. The paramount reason being that events bring people together in real life. There is nothing in this whole world that is more important to me than human to human connection.

For both corporate and personal events my center is always guest experience. If I am at this event how do I want to feel? What do I want to eat? Will I really ever use this giveaway again? Is it beautiful? It is my work to find ways that engage people with each other. It brings me so much joy to watch people growing relationships in a place / space that I created. I know that a guest may not notice every detail. However, I know as fact that they will feel it. That feeling of being taken care of, that is the gold. 

And it can't go unsaid, my parents are the ultimate hosts. This was my destiny. My mother can throw a party together in a matter of an hour. She spends her life obsessing about glassware, learning new recipes and is always ideating brilliant new party themes. It's in my blood. Living close to to her has really allowed us to put our talents together. We have the best time working on these projects and they will forever be our shared happy place. Learning from her is such a pleasure. 

Being a host is my happy spot. It is the initiation point for so many other aspects of my life, like cooking. I think you will start to discover that here. Welcome.