With a sensitive sense of smell and heightened tact for taste, I find myself seeking out only good food. Once experiencing homemade, you can't really go back to processed. Spoiled beyond belief, I grew up in a home where homemade meals, three times a day, was the norm. Living in a community of incredible homemakers deepened that further. My family eats. We go out to dinner for entertainment, finding so much joy sitting around a table sharing quality food, wine and conversation. My mom loves being in the kitchen. She notoriously pushes food, in all of the right ways. 

Doubling down, San Francisco has officially turned me food curious. Walking down the street I pass dozens of artisan shops / restaurants / stores. But I am picky. The hard fact is, I would rather pay $4.00 for an incredible piece of banana bread from Jane than eat at Starbucks, where the pasties arrive in little plastic bags each morning but are half the price. I've simply honed in on quality and it's becoming harder to be satisfied with less. It's very Parisian in approach, but perhaps that is just me complimenting myself. 

Ok though, I am not pretentious. Is that snarking I hear? I like it simple. I do. Real food with real ingredients doesn't have to be fancy. I want authentic. Here I am defending this, like it's something new and revolutionary. It's not. This is the way we are suppose to eat. Our culture has made it so damn easy to eat processed food and we are settling for it. No more. Not this lady. 

When this lightbulb clicked on for me, I got curious. What is in this pastry? Why does it taste different than the one from the place across the street? How is it made? Can I make it? Who do I know that has a recipe for this? And then I went down the rabbit hole... 

I am not a fancy food blogger. The food found in this space has a place here for a reason. Likely because I think the recipe is the best of its kind or that I find it efficient. These are the recipes I want to keep for me. To share with those I love. To have it organized in one place when the time comes to grow children. These are the recipes I make. My every day. The recipes that facilitate my goal in eating more authentically, real. My job here isn't to create new and fancy foods. There are so many other humans out there that are much more qualified to do that. And to them, thank you. I appreciate you. I am here simply to share real and wholesome food that I really and truly love. This is my mission, as verbose as it may be. 

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Learning my way through this process is something I take solace in. Please join me in this adventure if it feels good.