Ideas iterate. Becoming kitchen proficient is an idea I've had for a long time. This space here on the internet is the culmination of so many previous seedling projects that didn't take root. 

Food is personal. It makes up a lot of my story:

a la 'finicky child growing up in a dance studio'.

Also of note:

I am a vegetarian. 

I have been since the day I was born. It's just who I am. I don't have the memory of making the choice to be a vegetarian. I just was. And no, my parents aren't vegetarian. There's no issue had by me with humanely raised meat being enjoyed. It's just not my thing. 

Food A Story About Food SF Blogger
Food A Story About Food SF Blogger

There is an influx of internet resources for food. It's overwhelming. What ruffles me is that so much of it isn't real life.  

I was raised watching food television shows. They make it look so easy. It would be simple for all of us if ingredients were shopped for, washed, peeled and measured before hand. Oh and someone cleaned up! The whole chain of events is really part of the skill.

I want to show this level of authenticity.

Not only do I want to make food, I want to find my flow.

Food A Story About Food SF Blogger

This story starts out with me not being all that good. I accept that. Likely I am documenting something I am trying to learn or finally master. My chopping skills are horrific, at best. I will be messy. This is what learning looks like. 

We are all perfectly imperfect. 


Hey! I'm Blair.

This is my home for manifesting dreams & sourcing culture.

Thanks for stopping by. 


San Francisco life + style blog. Sourcing culture. Celebrating community, honesty and growth. Feelings. Food. Events. SF.

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