Fire. Swords. Dragons.

We know the heroic story line around bravery. And I don’t hate it. However. We are missing the emphasis on the every-man brand of brave. 

Do you consider yourself brave? 

Brave is telling the truth when someone asks how you are. 
Brave is letting someone love you even when you are messy. 
Brave is standing up for someone else who may have a smaller voice. 
Brave is asking for what you want, regardless of the outcome. 
Brave is saying hello to a stranger. 
Brave is asking for help. 
Brave is saying I love you, first. 
Brave is knowing that a friendship no longer serves you and moving on. 
Brave is asserting your boundaries. 
Brave is changing a bad mood into a good one. 

Putting yourself out there in this very negative world is brave. It is. 

Vulnerability is brave.

I’ve worked hard at my resolve to be brave. I asked for a big raise. Allowed myself to be deeply loved. Hired a life coach. I am the hero of this story.

Indetifying moments of fear and changing the story isn't easy. Switching perspective from “I’m terrified” to “this is my hero’s journey” takes time. But. You are allowed to be the hero of your own story. You are. 

So. Fear. It’s hard to see clearly. It’s so important to identify though, as it’s the first step in being brave. Fear manifests in tricky ways. A bad mood. Picking a fight. Subconscious distraction. When I look closer, it always reduces down to a version of fear. 

The thing about fear? The only way to victory is through. And stepping toward that fear and the willingness to battle it is so brave. It is.

Fire. Sword. Dragon.



Thank you Elizabeth Gilbert for your words around a hero’s journey. It’s clearly changed me.

I have an amazing life coach. If you’re interested (we do everything on the phone), please reach out. 

*Photo taken by, my friend, JD Hudson.

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