Does loving brunch make me basic? It might and I'm ok with that. Ten months into a new relationship, I find myself brunching more than ever. Also ok with me. While bottomless is important to some people in the crew, high-quality food and lots of syrup are my musts.  

San Francisco is a brunch city. There are literally hundreds of options, but I haven’t found a list that includes all my favs. So I made it myself. It's just a simple list. If I've left off your fav LMK and we'll go!

The Marina

SF Brunch SF Blogger

In all honesty, I find that there is a lack of quality brunch spots in the Marina. For a neighborhood that would classify day-drinking as a sport, there should be brunch options on every corner. The real estate is expensive here and I’m guessing that’s a factor. But if you do find yourself in the Marina looking for a rad spot, I’ve found two.

What I ordered (veg): Three Margaritas + The Revuelto
Order winner: Carne Asada

Tipsy Pig Brunch SF Blogger

What I ordered (veg): Three Margaritas + The Dutch Pancake
Order winner: Chilaquiles

**I fought going to Tipsy Pig for months because of the experiences I've had there at night. But truly, for brunch it's calm and wonderful. 

North Beach

Everyone knows and loves Mamas. DON’T WAIT IN THAT LINE HUNGOVER ON A WEEKEND. YOU WILL DIE. This is a better option…

What I ordered (veg): Glass of Pinot Noir + Buttermilk Pancakes (yes, for reals)
Order winner: Avocado Toast + Smoked Deviled eggs

Nob / Lowernob Hill

Jane SF Brunch Fro Hung Over People SF Blogger

This is my old neighborhood and I think that it is severely lacking brunch spots. There is a place called “MyMy” that everyone loves. I am too intimidated by the line and most of their seating is outside staring at the line. Not my vibe. I hear the food is good though, hence the line. 

Jane is my favorite spot in the city. It’s more coffee shop than sit-down restaurant but the food is BOMB. There's also a Jane on Fillmore, but the one on Larkin has much more space and way more light. Tell them Blair sent you if you go. 

SF Brunch SF Blogger

What I ordered (veg): Cold Brew Coffee + Scrambled Egg Sandwich*
Order winner: The Avocado Mash

**I order 1/2 the eggs. Also, the cheddar chive biscuit is SO worth the $4.

The Tenderloin

People are hanging in the Tenderloin. That's real. If you are visiting and staying in the Union Square area, this is a great option for you. You'll still want to take a Lyft / Uber / Taxi though because it's a pretty gnarly walk full of a lot of characters. It is worth it! Pro tip: you should call ahead. I've had a lot of success with that. I love the vibe of this place and they have seating by the pool on sunny days! 

What I ordered (veg): Black Coffee + Souffle Pancakes
Order winner: The Chambers Burger

Pac Heights

I don't spend a lot of time here, other than walking through. When I am in the area, it’s usually because I am brunching at Sweet Maple. This place is bomb and everyone knows it. The weekends produce crazy long lines. No surprise, as you can smell the bacon two blocks away. I highly suggest going early or late in the day. It’s also open on the weekdays and THAT, my friends, is the time to go.

What I ordered: A Black Coffee + The Marnier
Order winner: The Blackstone

The Castro

This is a central location for me and my brunch boys. Also, the drinks tend to be stiff (enter pun here). We love Hi Tops, a gay sports bar with amazing grilled cheese. When we feel a little fancy or friends are in town, we go across the street to Starbelly. 

Starbelly Brunch SF Vlogger

What I ordered (veg): Sangria + Pizza Margherita
Order Winner: The Chicken and Waffles

The Mission

You guys. The Mission is "the hot spot" for brunch. I hear really good things about the brunch at Beretta. I've been a dozen times for dinner, but never for brunch. I just moved into the neighborhood, so here I come Mission Brunch Scene. Up first: The Front Porch. Until then, I have some current favorites. 

What I ordered (veg): Bottomless Mimosa + French Toast
Order winner: French Toast!

What I ordered (veg): Coffee + Blueberry Cornbread Muffin + Chocolate Croissant  
Order winner: Porchetta and Fried Egg Sandwich

Lower Haight / Divis

This is where my Murph lives so we brunch here a whole lot. There are a handful of awesome spots. I had no idea until recently. Super cool. This is such a rad area of the city. I suggest using brunch to explore if you're visiting or you're like me and only came this way at night to dance at The Independent. 

What I ordered: (veg): Pour Over Coffee + Banana Bread French Toast
Order winner: Artichoke Eggs Benedict

What I ordered (veg): House red wine + Churro French Toast
Order winner: Goat Cheese and Avocado Toast with a side of scrambled eggs


What I ordered (veg): The Grapefruit Cocktail + Custard French Toast (full size)*
Order winner: Wood Grilled Hamburger

**We had to take it to go because the hangover was for real. Whoops. We will need to go back for brunch again super soon. 

Ok! That’s what I’ve got.

 I know. I eat a lot of pizza and French toast.

I’m not sorry. 

I've totally left off neighborhoods like FIDI, Outer Richmond, Haight, Dogpatch ( Though I am dying to try this spot ), Union Square (This place is touristy, but great), Sunset and Bernal Heights. We just don't go out to these neighborhoods often. However! I will update regularly as we venture out.

Happy brunching, my friends!


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