I travel a lot. This means alone time in my brain, usually staring out windows. I’ve found that audio books are a productive activity as I am commuting, waiting in the security line or walking to my next meeting. 

There are a handful of books that I’ve listen through at least a dozen times. They’ve changed me and the way I handle myself and the world around me. These words have shaped my thinking in new ways and I am so thankful for the peace they have offered me. 

I know. That’s a lot of hype. But really, I’ve seen my stress levels decrease in minutes, simply by turning one of these books on. It’s become such a safe mental place for me. A haven, if you will. They've pulled me up when I've needed it most. 

Because I’ve gleaned so much impact, I’m sharing with you. Some of these will be very familiar to those who follow along closely. 

You are a Badass + You are a Badass at Making Money  -- No-fluff advice on becoming the best version of yourself and going for what you want. 

The Universe Has your Back -- A workshop in trusting yourself and the Universe.  

Rising Strong  -- stories of vulnerability. 

Fire Starter Sessions -- "How do you want to feel?" Working to the root of what you want. 

The Creative Habit -- Stories and advice in building something bold. 

Flow -- The science of what it is and how to find your (work + creative) flow. 

Calling in the One -- a workshop in figuring out yourself and what you want in love. 

The Alchemist -- a metaphor for living your truth. 

Please! Let me know if you read. I love talking about these ideas. 

Happy Blair

Hey. I'm Blair.

Creative. Producer. Student of the Universe

Dedicated to proving that dreams come true. 

You can have what you want.



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