Let’s start where we are. Here. This blog. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about what’s next for this space (and for Blair in general). 

Very naturally I’ve talked about my emotions. This has become a trove of words, that requires a bit of digging to find. A place of real. A place of truth. Being authentic has always been the only way for me. 

But now I am left with: “WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THIS WEBSITE?”

Best Homemade Cinnamon Rolls Ever
Best Homemade Cinnamon Rolls Ever

This place started as a home for food. Five years of talking about my adventures, learning to be as proficient in the kitchen as the women who raised me. In this process, I have found my purest form of joy. Making bread. 

I get asked about it a lot. Why I bake it and why I bake it so much. 

Bread feels like home. I’ve always wanted to be someone that baked it “from scratch.” It suits my first-principal personality. But I failed for a long time in learning how.

It started with the things here in the files — bread-y desserts like crepes, cinnamon rolls and pie. I fell in love with the process. It brought me joy. 


The bread came with time. I failed so many times early on. I got completely discouraged. 

Then, a few years ago I hit my stride with pastries and I got the ping: “I bet I can figure out bread now.” I sat on this awhile, life is busy after all. Soon after, my Murph got me a sourdough class for my birthday. The rest is history. He’s good like that.

Bread is like most things in life: fundamentally easy but takes skilled timing and practice. 

But the real reason I love it, is that it opens up space. Time slows down waiting for it rise. It forces me to slow down with it. It’s a place to rest my busy mind. It grounds me. 

And with that, I’ve decided that this is what this space will be. A place to slow down and record my full and adventurous life. A place to rest my busy mind. A place to connect with you. A place to connect to my joy. 



More to come on the white / sandwich + Sourdough bread, specifically. DM for recipes. :)

Talk soon,


Hey! I'm Blair.

Creative. Producer. Student of the Universe.

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