Everyone loves brunch. It's a thing. In fact, it's my favorite thing. 

No secret, I'm a brunch fangirl. We go as much as possible. Wrote about it here. Carbs. Syrup. Bottomless. It truly doesn't get better. 

So, it was brunch for the bridal shower. I insisted. 

My mom did rad things with the tables and house beautification. Citrus was her vision and a theme was born.

She purchased tablecloths over a year ago. We based everything around them. They have a 70s tone — bold fruit shapes and sharp colors. 


Feel me? The fruit + bold colors were teased out for the rest of the house. 

Lemon tree centerpieces. Citrus on the table. Colorful napkin. Mixed white china sets. Mixed silver sets. Galvanized centerpiece containers and chargers. Flowers in geometric white vases with bold, colorful flowers. 


What concerned me? What will we eat? 


I really wanted something original but also hyper-accessible. Nothing snobby here. 

Where we landed…



Chicken + Waffles — I was originally against this, but it ended up being really outstanding. We used the recipe I finally landed a few months ago. My mom said: “This is the best waffle I’ve ever had.” I’ll take it.

Egg Bake — We went with what we know. This recipe is no fail.

Caeser Salad — Pro Tip: have someone else bring the salads!

Fruit Salad — #same.

Bacon — Cooked in the oven. Mom cooked bacon for no less than three hours. My clothing still smells like bacon. But you can’t have too much bacon at a brunch party (this coming from a veg).

Tater Tots — We used frozen. I know. I know. The small sized, frozen tater tots and sprinkled truffle oil on it. So good.


Citrus Rolls — Full post on these beauties here.


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