Stress has become a good friend of mine. More than ever I find myself panicked by to do lists and burdened by otherwise fun activities. 

That admission makes me feel very adult. 

This is not the person I want to be. I’ve lost my flow and I’ve felt shame for not being my happy and social self. I’ve been drained and just kind of not ok. Which, is ok.

Now that's real talk.

I opened up about this in my last post, but kept the learning high-level. Here, I teased it out -- making action more concrete. Tangible. 

These suggestions may seem obvious or trite. I get that. However, I've found refuge in action. I needed professional help to be reminded to come back to these preservers. If one suggestion helps one person, this is all for something.

Actions to Combat Stress

Watch TV

Can’t get too meta off the bat, now can I? 

I needed permission to slow down. I got the advice to watch TV from a therapist and scoffed. My first reaction was "I am paying you for this kind of advice?" So indignant.

It worked. I’ve been watching Gossip Girl (but pick your own poison) and allowing myself to do nothing. It’s been a huge factor in bringing me back to life. I feel less resentful and more inspired.

My brain needed rest. Even though slowing down when there was so much to do felt paradoxical, life became easier because of the downtime. 

Guided Meditation

Like listening to a relaxing song, but with mental action behind it.

Guided meditation is easier than a silent sit because the brain has a pointed place to go. I’ve always been a fan of the dharma seed app. And, Tara Brach is my hero. Her recent talks on meditation and depression have been on repeat. Such a good way to open up space.

If I'm up in the middle of the night, stressed, this is the first place I go. 

Yoga Nidra

This is what Murph calls “sleeping yoga.”

We took a class in Thailand and he fell asleep. I felt a level of relaxation I’ve never known. Both outcomes I’m proud of. 

In concept, the practice walks your attention to very specific locations in the body, cueing relaxing. I've watch my heart rate decrease significantly with this tool. 

Seems weird, but it's awesome -- even if you just fall asleep. More here

Pack Snacks

It suddenly occurred to me, after I melted out of my stress cave, that I wasn't taking care of my basic needs.

A friend asked if I was eating enough. I was. I was eating large meals in hotel rooms mostly, when I remembered, by body hates eating like that.

Every body is different, so listen to yours. For me, when I had snacks packed on me, my stress levels lowered. My animal-instinct of feast or famine was manifesting as stress. 

Self Help Books on Audio

I need a place for my brain to go. If I'm in a negative thought cycle, I need a distraction. Something that pulls me out of a negative place. I've found audio books to be great for that, especially when commuting. 

I have a whole list of suggestions here, if you're interested. 


Ok. This is lame at first glance. HOWEVER, I don't think we can rule out the power of physical touch and how if effects our happiness. Friend. Lover. Dog. It's so important. 

Ask for Help

Ask. For. Help. It can't go unsaid in this space. I'm hyper independent, but getting help from friends and professionals was the turning point for me. It shifted energy in a way that made space for happiness.

There is NO shame in needing help.

As my mother says "People like helping other people." It's true. Friends and professionals alike. It gives all of us meaning. That has helped tamper my shame. That is why I am here.

*Photo taken by, my friend, JD Hudson.


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