My dreams are becoming real and it's crazy fun. 

This apartment is so exciting. It's everything I've wanted in a home. In the city. White walls. Arched walk ways. Plenty of space. With him.

Most importantly, it feels like home. I find peace when I walk in. We sleep soundly. I feel endlessly inspired. 

Now, stuff. We don't have much furniture, so filling this big, beautiful space will be a process. It's important that the space feels like a home, but I'm terrified of clutter. 

I've spent an embarrassingly amount of time daydreaming about the end result of 'The White House'. And begrudgingly, I'm working to enjoy the process. Indulging as much as possible, spending hours sitting on the floor imagining up possibilities. 

To actualize this dream, I've started a Pinterest board series. Can't help it. Not sorry. 

Forever Jackson Street (all of it) 

Forever Jackson Street | Living Room

Forever Jackson Street | Dining Room

Forever Jackson Street | Bedroom

It's helpful to look at the details of a room that really 'works'. In reality though, it's challenging to pull all of the pieces together, on a very real budget. Not too fem. Functional. One piece at a time. Hoping for a bit of magic, because I'll need it. 

I'd love ideas and input. Honestly, I need the help. I know there are some serious design QUEENS reading rn. Help me. 

For the daily updates, I'm keeping it real on the Instagram stories.

Thanks for following along. I am so excited about this. It's here. 


Happy Blair

Hey. I'm Blair.

Creative. Producer. Student of the Universe

Dedicated to proving that dreams come true. 

You can have what you want.



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