Kombucha is intimidating. What is it even?  

It’s fermented tea. Did you know? I didn’t.

Brewing kombucha at home is not a fast process, but it is very simple. The SCOBY is the weirdest part. You can buy SCOBY, but if you can swing one from a friend that is really the best option. With each new brew of kombucha a new SCOBY is made. I’m looking for people to give mine away to, but tend to throw most of them out.

If you need a SCOBY, let me know. I’m happy to get one to you.

Patience is the key to this, but it’s definitely worth it.

Food Kombucha SF Blogger
Food Kombucha SF Blogger
Food Kombucha SF Blogger
Food Kombuchs SF Blogger
Food Kombucha SF Blogger
Food Kombucha SF Blogger
Food Kombucha SF Blogger
Food Kombucha SF Blogger


Strawberry kombucha


I've read lots of different online directions. Also brewing over and over again helps you find a rhythm. I really like this blog post for detail. Also, this site is great for SCOBY peace of mind. 

This is a very brief set of instructions. I found most sources to be pretty wordy and on the overwhelming side. Sources above are helpful should you want more detail.


+ The SCOBY doesn’t like metal. I use metal tools / bowls, but never in direct contact with the SCOBY.
+ Do not sub out the sugar. The sugar feeds the SCOBY. You will not be ingesting all of the sugar used to ferment.


Heat water in tea kettle.

In a large bowl mix sugar and tea, then add hot water.

Stir occasionally, and let the tea cool completely. I usually let it sit overnight.

Once tea is room temperature, strain.

Place the cool tea, mother SCOBY and kombucha in glass fermenting jar. Use a rubber band and and two coffee filters the secure the top of the jar.

Place the jar in a dark cool place away from the trash (to avoid fruit flies) and let ferment for seven days. If you like more of a vinegar taste, you can go up to ten days. I start tasting it on the seventh day.

Once fermented to desired taste, pull out both SCOBY (mother and new SCOBY) and place in a glass bowl along with extra kombucha for the next fermentation, approximately two cups of liquid (though I eyeball it). If you are going to brew another batch, this is when you go back to the beginning. It’s helpful to brew the tea the day before starting the second fermentation, so that it can be done all at once / you make only one mess.

Strain the liquid and divide into 3 - 4 glass bottles.

Add ¼ cup of muddled strawberries to each bottle and seal with the cap.

Keep the bottles at room temperature and “burp” them (open and close the cap) every day for 2-3 days. The longer you keep them in this phase the more bubbles you get.

Once you get your desired carbonation, strain out the strawberries and rebottle. This is optional.

Keep bottled kombucha in fridge until ready to drink!


1 mother SCOBY
2tablespoons of black loose leaf tea

1 cup of sugar

1 full 2-quart tea kettle of hot water

2 cups unflavored kombucha (left over from previous batch or store bought)

 2cups muddled strawberries (you can sub any fruit or combination of fruits


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