2020 feels like a big year. Would Blair, twenty years ago, be proud of who she’s become? BIG. 

I’ve had steady growth of my dreams throughout the years, because I’ve outlined what I want. It started WAY back eight years ago. And it’s worked so far. 

Life has been too busy and I’ve lost that clear direction. My 2019 resolutions were real, but not as defined as they are usually (Exhibit A + Exhibit B). I’ve been feeling a bit lost recently and I’m craving direction. 

So here we are in July now and I’m calling out some new resolutions. 

  1. Make time and space for myself. I am working very hard and fast. I am loving deep. I am showing up to as many aspect of my life as possible… but I am not showing up for myself often enough. I’m desperate for more personal time in my natural habitat. I need more time to play. More space to create. I don’t day dream anymore because I am too tired. I don’t write for fun anymore. My happiness is suffering because of it. Make. More. Time. And. Space. This has to happen or I’m going to fall apart pretty quickly. Dramatic, and true.

  2. Say no to things I don’t want to go to. Just because the people I love are going, doesn’t mean that I need to go. Or that I have to want to go. I feel shame when my people are excited about something that I just simply don’t want to go to. (Note: this of course doesn’t apply to big life events and “showing up” when someone needs you)

  3. Get clear about my feelings and communicate them cleanly. I’m working to tighten up my emotional feedback loop, cutting as much drama as possible. Exercise. Sleep. And free time. These actions ground me, setting me up to do real work on this.

  4. Decorate our house. We’ve been living with white walls since we moved in a year and a half ago. We didn’t have much furniture to begin with and decorating takes a lot of thought and time. Which frankly, I haven’t had much of these days. Each time I buy or hang something new I am overcome with joy. I’m leaning into this.

  5. Chunk hard things together. The goal is to make weekly space to do hard things — like expenses and budgeting. I tend to wait until the absolute last moment and then it’s overly stressful. Looking to find ease by working in chunks, more regularly. Hopefully removing some of the stigma while I’m at it.

Who do you want to be by 2020? 


Hey! I'm Blair.

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