With the season shifting, I've felt the nudge to circle back to the resolutions from the top of the year. I am changing, that's for certain. Are you? 

The changes are minor. Small shifts that have made big impact. Choosing to align with my goals. Holding myself accountable to being my best self, even when it was hard or uncomfortable. The moments of choosing to stand up for myself. Asking for what I want and not being shy about it. And those small changes have lead to big ones. 

Finding happy was my most important resolve at the top of the year. I mean, what else is there? I'm not a naturally happy person. I am a fact-based skeptic. A perfectionist. I hold myself, others and world accountable for their actions. I get grumpy when I feel out of emotional alignment. This is my truth. 

However, choosing to be happy has changed me. And I am finding, it is truly a choice.

But how? 

Being intentional about where I spend my time has illuminated happiness for me. Paying attention to my emotion in the present moment helps. Finding joy. Do you know what brings you happiness? It took me some time to figure that out. 

I am happiest when I feel inspired. That natural drive that bubbles from some magical place. I feel inspired when I am learning something new. Solving a problem. Or indulging in something luxurious. So I bake. I ground in and look for new solutions to old work problems. I ask people how they feel and really listen, searching for myself and learning in them. I eat amazing food. 

Taking inventory on how I feel spending time with people has changed my happiness as well. Did I leave the interaction feeling fulfilled? Was I present? Was I honest? And if not, what was my motive? The people I continually walked away feeling good around, I doubled down and invested in. When two people are present together, it is truly magic. I find this is true in all areas of life. 

Then, I started to streamline aspects of my life to make more space for fun. I cut out as much obligation that didn't return on happiness. Having the space to make real-time plans made me happiest. Flexibility and free time bring me joy. And while planning is a necessity, having free time to simply do something spontaneous is a true luxury. Making loose plans has become the norm.

And, of course, there is being grateful. It really does change a person. I won't go too deep here, but finding moments to simply say thank you has opened me in new ways.

Also. Meditation. Is this too much for you? That's ok. I get that. Audiobooks on my way to work have grounded me in new and impactful ways. I'd suggest The Universe Has Your Back, if you are looking for something powerful. This book has helped me a lot with my trust issues.  

People keep telling me: "You seem so happy!" And I am. But it is a daily practice that I really do work at. I think it's important for you to know that, because it's real. 

So I ask, what makes you happy? How do you want to feel? You are in control. 

*Photo taken by, my friend, JD Hudson. Inspired by Gabby Bernstein.


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