Two thousand and seventeen. A year to create connection through small and intentional actions. 

I resolve to...

Find Happy

Do things that feel purposeful.
Be intentional with actions. 
Do things that you love. Bake. Write. Yoga. Long conversations. Hike. Dance. Play games. Eat great food. Read.
Get organized.
Say no to the things that feel obligatory.
Learn and build new things. 

Be Brave

It's ok to fail. So fail.
Remember no one likes perfect people.
Ask for what you want.
Set clear boundaries and hold to them. 
Be big. You are allowed to take up space. 
Fight with passion not insecurity. 
You. Are. Valuable. 

Invest in People

Foster stronger relationships with friends & family. Show up for them. 
Reach out to people when they come to mind. It only takes seconds. 
Be vulnerable.
Send love notes. Make time. 
Be fully present when spending time with people. 
Send out good vibes randomly throughout the day. 

Take Care of Your Animal Self

Let yourself be loved. 
Create and keep routines. 
Yoga, for vanity and sanity.
Get enough sleep. 
Drink more water than you need.
Notice your stress levels before it manifests in the body. 
Hug other humans. 

Create & Build Real Work

Do great work at work. Stay hungry.
Push on passion projects. Baby steps get you there. 
Write one hour a week...
Publish work that isn't perfect (see "Be Brave"). 
Push to try new things.
Be scared!

Fall in Love

Allow love to infiltrate all things. 
Be open, it's worth the risk regardless of the outcome. 
Be grateful, it changes everything. 
Ground into "What would love do?"
You deserve to give and receive real love.

Here it all comes...  


Hey! I'm Blair.

This is my home for manifesting dreams & sourcing culture.

Thanks for stopping by.  


San Francisco life + style blog. Sourcing culture. Celebrating community, honesty and growth. Feelings. Food. Events. SF.

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