Two Thousand and Eighteen. 

I feel overwhelmingly optimistic about a new year. My last was one of tremendous growth and I am proud. The growth came from clearly knowing what I wanted and working hard towards it. There was also magic. Lots of grace, gratitude and most importantly surrendering. 

I've taken the past few 'Feelings' posts to reflect on last year's resolutions. They were good ones and I am so proud of how they manifested. I loved. I created real work (this space). I was SO brave. 

The other two resolutions, taking care of my animal-self and investing in people were themes, but there is much more space for growth here. They are folded in purposefully below. 

So. Here are my two-thousand and eighteen resolutions: 

Find the Flow

Alignment makes magic happen. This is where I am my best self. This is where I want to live as often as possible.

  • Work out: build a better brain and stabilize emotions. 
  • Create routine: habits are efficient. 
  • Eat for happiness: greens for energy paired with enough satisfying indulgence.
  • Be grateful: find new areas of gratitude each day. 
  • Help others: small acts can make a big difference. 

Create a Home

There is something very real inside me that craves a sanctuary. A place to call home. It is my stability. While my travels bring so much learning, I am happiest at home. 

  • Nest: it gives effortless joy.
  • Build a refuge: allow space for others to feel supported and loved.
  • Welcome the muse: create a place for creativity to play, live, love and dream. 
  • Stockpile money: be intentional about transactional energy. 
  • Bake: it simply provides happiness for all. 


We are growing, as the Universe is. Setting goals high and expecting greatness has changed everything. 

  • Play a bigger game: you can have anything you want. 
  • Let it fall apart: eliminate things to make space for better.
  • Understand what you want: clarity is the answer. 
  • Listen to your intuition: It speaks loud when you listen.
  • Ask for help: you are not alone. 

Build Community

Helping people brings me real joy. This digital world has so many of us feeling isolated. Scared to expose the true story. Community is such a strong way to combat that. 

  • Build new relationships: make the first move. 
  • Find authentic connection: push conversations into a real place. 
  • Be a good listener: people tell you everything you need to know.  
  • Follow up: show people your love.
  • Use power for good: share the wealth. 
  • Teach: tell your story.

What are your resolutions? Let’s talk. 

Be bigger. Be better. This is your year. This is your life. 

Here it all comes.

It's coming. 


Happy Blair

Hey. I'm Blair.

Creative. Producer. Student of the Universe

Dedicated to proving that dreams come true. 

You can have what you want.



San Francisco life + style blog. Sourcing culture. Celebrating community, honesty and growth. Feelings. Food. Events. SF.

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