I'm a real woman. I eat a cheese quesadilla with chips and guac once a week at a minimum. I drink too much wine and end up in the Castro dancing very frequently. Syrupy brunch is one of my most favorite activities. I have an obsession with Bob's Donuts. I'm certainly not the perfect picture of health and will never claim to be. What I will say is that my health is a priority and taking care of the animal that I am is important to me.

I swing from good to bad a lot when it comes to food. My guess is that most people do. Life gets busy and we forget how important it is to pay attention. The health industry dominates in this country, yet the obesity rate continually increases. This certainly isn't a straight forward subject.

With a face that likes to make polyps, I'm on steroids and antibiotics frequently. I’ve read enough health blogs to fear C-dif in a bad way. And while my food consumption fluctuates from one extreme to the other, having a consistent supplement regiment has significantly helped my overall health and peace of mind.

Having a best friend that is a professional, holistic nutritionist has been such a guiding light for me. She’s constantly offering up her incredible knowledge. I feel very spoiled, as she has created a supplement regiment that’s saved my immune system. She has graciously outlined the choices we made and why.

Wild Greens Nutrition

Julia helps hundreds of people online, through personalized nutrition counseling at 


Your immune system lives in your gut. Without a healthy intestinal tract, you simply cannot win the fight against anything trying to take root in your system. A high-grade probiotic once a day will not only keep your digestive system on point (extra important for those of us who travel!), but will also be your strongest defense against intruders.


Mushrooms are so lovely! Maitake, Shiitake, Lion’s Mane, and Cordyceps are among the best for fighting pathogens- but you want to be mindful of buying them organic considering how mushrooms are grown! A multi-mushroom immune supplement twice a day will be a big help through cold season. Extra credit if you sneak cooked versions into meals as often as possible!

Fish Oil

Omega 3s have a myriad of benefits from healthy cell function to brain health. But, because your body is unable to make these essential fatty acids on its own, you have to get them through food. Omega 3's crown trait is that it counters inflammation (the root of so many evils) while also promoting a healthy blood supply. Side effects may include glowing skin and a more balanced mindset, win-win!


Studies show that echinacea can increase your white blood cell count; those white blood cells are your front-line soldiers for fighting any infection. My favorite way to take this lovely herb is in a tincture blended with other immune-boosting helpers (goldenseal, elderberry, and Yin Chiao, oh my!)


Magnesium is my very favorite mineral. It is a key player in over 300 functions in the body, including many needed for a healthy and efficient immune response. Additionally, it helps with sleep and relaxation (I think we can all agree on how important those are for feeling like a healthy, happy human!) I always take Magnesium at night (but be mindful not to go over 800mgs, or you may experience loose bowels in the morning!)

Have any specific questions? Julia can help you here.


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