TEN ON TUESDAY: 11.14.2017

Life is moving so fast. How? I keep committing to making more time for myself and this space I am building. Working daily to learn new things and share them here with you. Also trying to learn how the F everyone makes the internet so pretty. Not easy work and I am in awe of those who do it well. 

With that, thank you for being here, in my perfectly imperfect work in progress. It it so special to share this space with you. 

As we melt into the belly of this week, I have some links to share. This is about starting conversations. About making friends. About sharing my passions and interests with you. 

Here it goes...

Ten links on this FINE Tuesday:

An older article, but I keep coming back to it. What are your thoughts on this? I can very much relate.

A no-good, very bad dinner party is the only kind of dinner party.

I made this Challah. It burned bc my oven is sassy. I'll keep trying. I'm testing for my next over-night french toast occasion. Also, plotting a bread series here. Stay tuned. This is v much a work in progress.

Bc being civil feels like power. 

Just got done with months of interviews. This feels very right. 

Do you have a passion project?  This space is mine. 

It's cold season and this preventive list actually feels real. 

This is a pretty great roundup of rad SF spots. I'm working on some SF neighborhood posts, with a more local slant. Any SF peeps have suggestions?

Consider THIS LIST on the bucket list.

I've had a few people take me up on my brunch suggestions. Have you checked them?

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 12.42.22 PM.png

Hey! I'm Blair.

This is my home for manifesting dreams & sourcing culture.

Thanks for stopping by. 


San Francisco life + style blog. Sourcing culture. Celebrating community, honesty and growth. Feelings. Food. Events. SF.

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