"What will you be doing three years from now?"

This was the cue in a recent meditation. After, I instantly had to write down all of my thoughts. I felt so moved by it. 

I won't divulge my most intimate desires, but one struck me very clearly:

"Have a kitchen stocked with fresh food from the famers' market." 

I've been a person that shops at famers' markets before. The merging of productivity and relaxation is a personal high. Currently, going to the farmers' market is something I only do on the weekend. I haven't integrated going into my everyday. It's been more of an adventurous thing rather than a sustainable habit. 

In the name of full disclosure, currently I have a fridge filled with beer and expired greek yogurt. With a busy and adventurous life, I end up wasting a good majority of the food I buy. Very few things frustrate me more than wasting money and food.

So, what if I only buy a small quantity of items on a more regular basis? Go to the outdoor-market every few days, like I dream they do in the Italian country side. I'm so accustomed to packing my fridge with more food than one person could ever eat, post $100 Trader Joe's bender. Usually, I never feel like eating the food I buy. This is classic for most of us. 

Shopping at the farmers' market regularly feels like a stretch. But, going after the visions that feel out of reach is what this blog is all about. Making dreams reality. Becoming the person I want to be. So...

In true Type-A fashion, I got organized. I've outlined all of the easy to access farmers' markets in my area. Then, I started adding them to my calendar and going! As any good student would, I've included my notes below. 

Sunday at Fort Mason

This is my favorite farmers' market in the city. It's smaller and I love the vendors. There is tons of colorful produce and the 'maker' items (bread, hummus, jam) are realistic to add to normal life. MORE INFO.

Farmers' Marker SF Blogger
SF Farmers' Market SF Blogger
SF Farmers' Market SF Blogger


+ The Hummus Guys
+ The Baker and the Midwife
+ Apples! 

Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday at the Ferry Building

The Ferry Building farmers' market is the definition of picturesque. The market wraps around the side of the Ferry Building, with rows of tents boasting literally everything you could ever want. The Bay Bridge hovers above the market, and this place truly sings on a sunny Saturday morning. You can find anything you want here, though I caution you to go early on Saturdays! MORE HERE.

SF Farmers' Market SF Blogger
SF Farmers' Market SF Blogger
SF Farmers' Market SF Blogger
SF Farmers' Market SF Blogger
SF Farmers' Market SF Blogger
SF Farmers' Market SF Blogger


+ Blossom Bluff Orchards
+ Capay Organics
+ Acme Bread

Wednesday at Civic Center

This farmers' market is perfect for the weekday. I feel lucky that it is on my way to work. It has all types of fresh herbs. Mushrooms that look like they came out of a story book. Honey. Eggs. So much fruit your mouth waters. MORE INFO.

SF Farmers' Market SF Blogger
SF Farmers' Market SF Blogger
SF Framers Market SF Blogger
SF Farmers Market SF Blogger
SF Farmers' Market SF Blogger


+ Farwest Fungi
+ Kens Fresh Herbs and Greens
+ James Paolitti Farms
+ The Unnamed Egg Vendor

*Golden Veggie Market

Ok. This isn't a farmers' market, but a small store. It has amazing, fresh produce though. Also, it's super reasonably priced. Half the price of Trader Joe's and way better quality / not over picked (for the locals). This is a radical solution for the days without farmers' markets. Note, they are only open from 9:00am - 7:30pm. MORE INFO. 

SF Farmers' Market SF Blogger


+ Huge Bananas
+ Strawberries in bulk
+ Pre pealed garlic

Final Thoughts

These are the options that work best for my life living in Lower Nob Hill and working in SOMA. Here is an incredible resource for a full list of farmers' markets in the city for those living in other parts of San Fracisco. 

I would love to hear about your farmers' market adventure in the city and otherwise. What's your favorite item to buy fresh?

Blair Jimison SF Blogger

Hey! I'm Blair.

This is my home for manifesting dreams & sourcing culture.

Thanks for stopping by. 

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