The story of Bob’s Donut & Pastry Store goes way back into the depths of my childhood.

Whenever we would visit my grandparents, without-fail there would be fresh pink box of donuts waiting (not Bob's, but similar). Regardless of if we ate one donut or the whole box, the next morning Grandpa would diligently go fetch a fresh new box. Grandma’s orders. We ate the donuts with 7-up always, usually on the floor playing with Lincoln Logs. Or in Grandpa’s lap scouring for words in his crossword puzzle book. Chocolate remaining on our faces all day long.

Bobs SFblogger

The story continues as an oldest daughter, who would go on donut dates with her dad on Sunday mornings. Donuts would be paired with a large-sized whole milk and conversations that I’m now confident classifies as brainwashing (in the best way).

As a new comer to San Francisco (five years ago), I was quickly introduced to Bob’s. Complete with the pink boxes and late night lines for freshly baked goods. It was more than frequently a stop on my way home from the bars. Sprinkles in bed the next morning was a very normal thing.

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My love for Bob’s has only grown since then.

When I moved into my new apartment I wanted an awesome geotag for my place. I’d recently heard a horror story of a girl getting stalked / robbed because of geotags on Instagram. I wanted to pick a public place, for safety reasons. With Bob’s a few blocks away and always feeling like home, it was the perfect option. My love for baking was also a nice tie-in to the tag. But no, I don’t live or work there (yet).

Bobs SFBlogger
Bobs SFblogger

Two years ago, when I selected the tag, little did I know my Murph was living across the street from Bob’s. Literally looking exactly at it from his window. More so, his picture was hanging on the wall. A smiling guy in a Bob’s T-shirt in China. He was always there. In fact, we met walking down the street not more than a few blocks away. I went to Bob's the night we met, on my way to Grace Cathedral to walk the labyrinth (another drunk quirk). Our love story started way before we met. We were frequently in the same place at the same time. Perfect strangers. However, our mutual love for Bob’s is a favorite meant-to-be moment. It’s a sweet reminder of Universal timing, which I am now a huge champion for.

Live your truth, even if that is a simple obsession for donuts.

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