Feeling life both accelerate and slow at the same time. That paradox of feeling grounded, yet expanding. I feel at peace and motivated at the same time. In the flow state. Hard things come easy and easy is productive. The light shines in and hidden seeds are just starting to sprout. The start of a new era. I feel it coming. I’m still not totally sure what will bloom, but the growth feels like an accomplishment regardless.

I am committed to actively working, yet consciously leaving space for what’s about to come. BUT… what is coming? I know “knowing what you want” is the way to get it. And perplexingly, I am still unsure of what that means for me right now. How do I know what I want next?

This current reality is what I always wanted. And it’s here. But I can’t just stay stagnant. It’s not who I am, fundamentally. 

Thankfully work provides constant opportunity for pivoting and growth. That’s not going away. But what’s next for Blair? What’s the next level? I’m not done. I’m just getting started. 

There is more for me. 

I do find solace that I never exactly knew what this all would be in firm detail. I just felt it would come. Followed my instinct, the bread crumbs, to the job. The human. The apartment. The city. The bread.

In the void I dive deeper. Take good care of the things that I am thankful for. Relearning how to take care of my animal self. Exercise and eating more than just carbs and cheese. Both of which are hard. Honestly, this feels mundane — but this is what is calling right now.

The next level will come. The idea, thing, assignment will be here before I know it. This moment of concern will feel silly, because it will become so clear. Something that is right in front of me. Also, I’m confident I’ll really miss this time when life wasn’t completely on fire. Oh, the struggle of a dreamer.

A lot of people ask me about the name of this space. It’s this post. A moment of reflection, not knowing totally what’s coming, but trusting that something great is on the way. Expecting good things has changed me and I am thankful. 


Hey! I'm Blair.

Creative. Producer. Student of the Universe

Dedicated to proving that dreams come true.

You can have what you want.



San Francisco life + style blog. Sourcing culture. Celebrating community, honesty and growth. Feelings. Food. Events. SF.

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